Friday, March 18, 2011

Everything in the mouth!

I know it's "normal" for kids to put things in their mouth.  They are exploring their world, blah blah blah. Most toddlers quirks I can handle, no problem.  Toys in the mouth...not so much. All I know is that when I see Finley (across the room) pick up a toy at playgroup and pop it in her mouth I want to gag.  It's not really a "germ thing" as much as I just think it's gross.  Of course I would have a kid that (no matter what I do) puts everything in her mouth.  This habit carries over into crafts but I refuse to let that keep me from doing crafts with my girl.  Here's what I do to keep Finley from eating her art projects.

  • For toddlers, high chair = eating.  If you put something on that tray, they don't care if it's a hamburger or a crayon, they are going to eat it. So, don't do crafts in the high chair.  Most of the Paint & Prozac crafts are "contained" in a box or in a bag.  Why? Because it can me created in the living room without ruining the carpet.  What if we are doing a project that isn't "contained"? I lay down a large blanket in the living room (just make sure your little one sits down and doesn't run off the blanket).  Cookie sheets are excellent to use as a table for painting or play dough on the blanket.  Plus it can just go in the dishwasher...bonus!
  • If you must do a project in the high chair (like finger painting) let your little one have their pacifier.  Usually I only allow binkies at bedtime or when I can't stand the screaming anymore or when Finley finds a long lost binky under the couch.  Sorry, tangent.  In theory I only allow binkies at bed time.  But if that beloved thing is in her mouth it's not coming out...not even to lick a paint brush. 
  • Plan crafts for just after a meal or snack.  We usually do crafts right after breakfast or morning snack.  If they are full, they seem to be less likely to put stuff in their mouths.
  • RELAX (don't you just love how I always throw that one in there?)!  Everything is non-toxic (right?) but it certainly doesn't taste good.  If your little one has a couple tastes of paint and it's awful they are probably going to stop.  If you react by jumping up and yelling it's probably going to encourage the behavior.  How fun is it to get mom all worked up?  Toddlers love to get a big reaction so don't give them one. Just calmly remove the art supply from their mouth and clean it up. 
So far I have showed you that babies are never too young for art, helped minimize the mess, and given tips to keep crafts out of little mouths.  What else keeps you from doing crafts with your kids???

Happy Crafting!



I love doing crafts with Liam but I will admit, I hate the mess it makes. Oh well, it's the price to pay for great "art".


Ooh! I hadn't seen your baby art post, so I'm going to go look at that. And yes, my little one puts absolutely EVERYTHING into her mouth.


My baby eats NON-STOP like a puppy!We have to like, LIMIT how much food she eats 'cause she never seems to be full!

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