Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elizabeth's Fairy Wings

What little girl doesn't need their own set of fairy wings? Elizabeth sent me this great craft idea that anyone can make.

I first made these wings when my daughter was about 2 years old. She still wears them!

First, here are the basic things you will need:

Cardboard – I used a plain moving box this time, but I originally used a diaper box. Even poster board would work for this (and be a lot easier to cut!)

Pen or marker

The first step is to draw half of the wings on to the cardboard.

You’ll see in the picture that there is a ‘wing’ and a square piece. You’ll understand the square part later. I lined up the drawing so it went over a fold in the cardboard – this allows the wing to flap!

Now cut it out and trace another one. This is where thin cardboard is better. Corrugated cardboard is horrible to cut but it can be done!

Once you have the pieces – the painting can begin.

Depending on how thick the paint is, the wings may have to dry overnight before you can assemble them. My little one always puts it on thick!

Once the paint is dry, put glue on one of the square parts and glue the two pieces together. Allow the glue to dry a little before moving on.

Now cut some ribbon long enough to go around your little one’s shoulders like a back pack; tie the ribbon into loops and you are done!

If you are wondering about the other side of the wings, this is what my little one wanted to do the next day: She got out her markers and coloured it to look like a butterfly.

If you have a big enough piece of cardboard you can draw the whole wings and skip gluing them together. I never seem to have a big enough piece though!



Although I don't have a girl (yet), this is such a cute craft. I especially like how it can be as simple or elaborate as you want. I can see maybe doing a more complicated wing shape or even cut outs with tissue paper glued into it like a stained glass window?
Oh crap, there I go. Taking over a child's craft and making it an adult one. hee hee.

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