Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Packing = Treasures

Saturday I started packing for our move.The great thing about packing is that it's like shopping in your very own thrift store. You find all kinds of junk TREASURES! I started in Finley's closet (it's a walk in and has become a storage room for all things baby). I got sentimental as I packed away her mobile, the knitted hat she wore in the hospital, and especially the sunflower dress she wore in her 3 month pictures.  I just love that dress!

I will never get rid of this dress

After I dried my tears...I found a gargantuan bottle of baby oil.  When Finley was tiny she had some cradle cap and the pediatrician told me that she used baby oil on her kids.   So, the good mommy I was, I ran out and bought some baby oil right away.  And since I am thrifty I bought the humongous bottle because it was a better "deal."  Well, I don't think the pediatrician's kids were born with a full head of hair.  Because that night I rubbed a tiny bit on her head and she immediately looked like one of those oil spill ducks on the Dawn soap commercial.  It took many many many washes to get that oil out of her hair. I put the in the closet and never used it again.

Warning: Do not put baby oil in this hair

A normal person would toss that bottle of baby oil (with 2 drops missing) in the throw away pile.  But to me (hoarder/crafter/former preschool teacher)...SCORE!  Hmmmm...What can I do with that?

I took some empty spice bottles and made 2 types of very fun sensory bottles.  In one of them...I filled it half way with water, added a couple drops of food coloring and mixed it up.  Then I topped it off with baby oil.  I secured the cap with hot glue.

In the others I just used baby oil and a bunch of food coloring.  The little balls of color look so cool floating in the oil!

Happy Crafting!



Love it!


Great idea! I love colored bottles for the little ones.

And isn't it funny how emotional we get about our LO's clothes? I have kept PCC Jr. in an outfit a week or two past its prime fit just because I love it.


What afun blog. As my son gets older (2y 3m) I am always looking for fun, yet simple crafts to do with him.


LOVE this idea! One smart cookie you are!


Megan, you read everything.period.

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