Thursday, March 3, 2011

And it's giveaway time!!!

I am one of those people that LOVES giving gifts.  Right now I am dying to get started on Finley's Easter basket but I know (from experience) I will never be able to wait until April!  Last year I started giving her trinkets from her basket before St. Patrick's day.  By Easter it was quite an empty looking basket and I had to go shopping again (not that I minded!).

This rambling brings me to the point of this post...It's finally time for the giveaway. I seriously can't believe we have over 100 followers from 10 different countries.   After thinking for weeks about something that would make the perfect crafty prize for any mom (really for the kids) I decided....what's better than an gift card??? I am giving away a $15 gift card to a random poster (see instructions below).

So if you win you can choose something that will work for your tiny crafter.  (OK really I suppose you could buy whatever you want with it but I am just going to pretend you will use it to add to your collection of art supplies.)  What would I buy???  Here are a couple things that would be in my shopping cart...

Funky Brushes

Chunky Paint Brushes


Water Colors


To enter: You must follow the blog. Then comment on this post telling me what artsy/crafty product you would buy with the gift card. You can get an extra entry by posting a picture of your child creating art or a picture of their artwork on the Paint and Prozac facebook page. Then I will use to select the winner.  You must enter by Thursday March 10th at 7 pm EST to qualify. The winner will be announced next Friday (March 11th). 

Good Luck,



I'd buy a huge pack of construction paper!


Extra entry! Posted a picture of Alex painting on the FB page! :-)


I'd buy some felt! I loved playing with my felt animal safari when I was little and recently saw someone make their own felt scene.


I'm following.
& I'd buy some kind of paints & brushes for Bryson. Or maybe some kind of felt & foam packs to cut & do projects with.


Not so much an art item, but I want to get a new table so the kids can do crafts and it would be theirs just for that!


finger paints. I have been wanting to buy some for my daughter for a while.


I'm following! I'd get some sidewalk chalk for my son. I'm itching for spring weather and sitting in the driveway creating art sounds lovely!


I would buy the do-a-dot markers or a toddler art book. Thanks for all your ideas and for the giveaway.
Thx Sarah


my girl would LOVE some of these:

they are like bingo stampers!! fun!


I've been really wanting to try those Melissa and Doug crayons- planning on getting them for Easter, actually! So, you're suggestions look pretty awesome to me.

Heidi O

Following! Those funky brushes look great! My daughter is just getting into painting, and I can't wait until we can go outside to do it so we don't have to worry so much about the mess!


I'd get one of three things- some of those triangular crayons for my little guy since he's having a hard time with the round ones, a frame for his first painting (I've been looking for a while!), or an easel since he loves it at the children's museum!

emily jo

I would buy either the Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box, or the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel. The easel would be great because Cami could be on one side while Colton is on the other, they could paint at the same time, and Cami wouldn't have to worry about Colton painting on her paper!

emily jo

Posted a pic of Cami and Colton's creation from the ice cube painting on your fb wall! Love the crafts, thanks for more ideas!


I am a faithful follower hehe! I think Aidan would like those jumbo brushes, maybe some stampers or stencils, card stock.....the ideas are limitless


I have NO idea why my id is a bunch of letters and numbers! It is me, Marci !


bonus entry! i put a picture of my Hayden coloring for the first time on your facebook page!! thanks! :)


Thanks for the great giveaway!


I would buy Caleb some glue sticks & things to glue - pom poms, foam shapes etc! He thinks glue sticks are paint! :)


My son is too young right now (5 weeks tomorrow), but I would totally get him some bath crayons to use when he gets older. I used to love those things. It was great being able to draw on the (bathtub) walls!


I posted a pic of Emily's most recent drawing on your facebook wall!

Thanks for this giveaway.


I would get some finger paints! Although I shudder to think of how it would go for the first time with my 15 month old! I think we'd have to wait till it's warmer out so we could do it outside and avoid having a huge mess in the house!


I've been itching to get C some Do-a-Dot markers, although those funky brushes look great too!


We are running out of finger paints so I would stock up on them!

Mrs. Boom

I'm a follower and I would get my son some sidewalk chalk...spring is almost here!

Mrs. Boom

Extra entry: I posted a photo this morning of my son creating his first crayon drawing :)

Amy and Jeff

I follow and I would get something to help me decorate my coming little one's nursery. It could use a nice handmade something!


i just found your blog through a friend, Mrs. Boom and am now a follower! i would buy those triangle crayons for my 15 month old, she hasn't used crayons yet.

Laura Anne

I would buy more paint and more construction paper :) thoes crazy paint brushed look cool too. oh and marbles :)


I figured out how to follow you! :)
We would probably add to our Color Wonder collection...I love that they can go to town, and I don't have to stress about what they're going to ruin!


I would DEFINITELY buy those Melissa and Doug crayons. I have been looking for something that my Son would probably Not try and eat!!! I think the regular crayons just look like his twizzlers that he loves so much.


I'd buy paint by Melissa and Doug. I have their crayons and love them.

Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack

Ooooohhhhh I would get washable paint, crayons, and finger paint!!


LOVE the funky cute!! Your website is fantastic!!


I would buy finger paint! non-toxic, of course :) Sidney needs more paint in her life!


All of you people are dummys talking about your stupid kids. My Peony can play violin, piano, the trombone, the french horn, and the harp at and expert level and she's only 4 and a half. By the way my name's Jemima




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We're in a group if you're wondering why so many anonymous people are posting comments at the same time

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