Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fabric Scrap Pumpkin

A while ago my mother in law gave me a bunch of fabric pieces and scraps and I have been dying to do something fun with them. 

We sorted the fabric and chose a variety of orange patterns. I cut them into smaller pieces.

We covered a paper plate with glue (I told you I was addicted to paper plates).

Finley glued the pieces on. 

(Side note: How do kids sit like this?)

We added a brownish piece to the top for a stem. 

Happy Crafting!!!

Paper Plate Black Cat

We used...

Paper plate (I have been using them a lot. We have a ton of them and they are cheaper than card stock)
Black Paint
Black construction paper
Wood chips (original directions used pine needles but we don't have pine trees)

The idea came from this book...

Paint a paper plate (or circle of white paper) black

Add eyes, nose, ears, and whiskers

Happy Crafting!

Orange Rice Pumpkins

We used....

Rice (white works best but we only had brown)
Food coloring
Paper plate
Green Paint
Large Ziploc bags

First you need to make some orange rice. (sorry no pics of that but it's easy) Put rice in a Ziploc bag. Add some red and yellow food coloring (more yellow than red). SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Then pour it out on a paper plate to dry over night. 

I cut the middle circle out of a paper plate and cover with glue.

For Owen I put the glue covered circle and a handful of rice in a bag, sealed it, and let him have fun.

Finley sprinkled her rice on.

For the stem I cut up part of the edge of the plate. Finley painted hers green and Owen's went in a Ziploc bag again (BTW Ziploc isn't paying me...maybe they should haha)

Two adorable pumpkins. Owen's is on the left and Finley's is on the right. 

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Painting Pumpkins

Many of our projects are "mess-free" or create a minimal mess. This one...well how can I say this? It's a huge mess but so worth it. Each Fall we bring home pumpkins and Finley (and Owen now too) get to go crazy painting one. It's a tradition now and I love it. By the way I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Here's what we used....
Paint (Owen used finger paint and Finley uses Tempera)
Paint brush (or just hands!)

We decided to do this outside because it was a gorgeous day! I had a plastic tablecloth leftover from a party so I just put that down on the grass for easy clean up and who wants grass to stick to their masterpiece?

Finley likes options so she squeezed a bunch of colors on to a paper plate.

 I usually give babies a pacifier while crafting to prevent (or cut down on) paint consumption. 

Owen took a more "hands-on" approach

Owen had quite a bit of paint on his hands but a piece of construction paper took care of that.

See...why I use the binky?

Finley had a bunch of paint left on her paper plate so I let her paint all over the tablecloth.

Yeah it was messy but we went right to the bathtub and I had 2 squeaky clean kiddos again.

All cleaned up

I will probably spray them tomorrow with some acrylic finish to prevent the paint from flaking off.

Here is Finley pumpkin painting when she was 10 months old.

Happy Crafting,

Friday, September 28, 2012

Spider In A Web Marble Painting

What you need:
A few marbles
Black paint
White circle (We used a paper plate)
Black Paint
Spider Sticker (or clip art, etc)

Place the circle and marbles in the box. Put a couple drops of black paint in the box (works better if you put the paint on the box not the paper). You can leave it open or close it(or put the lid on if using a shoe box)...your choice.

Even Little Brother made one (closed the box for obvious reasons)

Take the "web" out and add a spider sticker (we had some foam spiders leftover from another project)

Ta-da! Display proudly or make a bunch and turn them into Halloween cards or invites!

 Happy Crafting!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm back....

Lots of changes around here.  Let's see.....

Finley turned 2

We had baby number 2

...Meet Owen Bennett

 Then Owen got big

We bought a new house

 And then I became a Pinterest addict! 

Crafts coming soon....
Ames :)