Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bumble Bee's

Yesterday, after singing the Baby Bumble Bee song a million times, we made this project.

Cut ovals out of yellow construction paper.  Place them in the bottom of a box (usually I use a shoebox but I have a million bakery boxes so we used those).  Add a small amount of black paint and 2-3 marbles.

Close the box and shake!

I glued them to a piece of white paper and drew antennae and wings.

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day

It's been a long time...a very long time since I have posted.  We have been busy and enjoying all the sunshine we can soak up. Plus it's been taking a really looooong time to upload my pics to Blogger.` Don't worry...we have been doing crafts (just have not taken the time to post). I will be better...I promise.  We completed a Father's Day project this week.  Unfortunately the camera was not handy when we were making them but it's really easy. 

First, find a rock (big enough to be a paperweight but small enough to carry).  This was quite possibly Finley's favorite part of the whole project...she is a outdoor girl!

Cover the rock with a thin layer of white glue (use a paintbrush).

Place squares of tissue paper (any colors) on the glue.  Cover the rock's ok if they overlap (remember this is a toddler project).

This part the adult should do since  you need to be delicate.  Paint a layer of white glue all over the rock.

Let it dry.

Using a Sharpie write "My Dad Rocks" on one side and "Love, Your Child's Name 2011" on the other side.

Here it is....

I also took Finley to a local paint your own pottery place.  I chose a bowl ($6 plus $4 for paint time) for the hubby to put his keys, wallet, and chapstick in when he comes home each night.  Finley painted the outside with the colors of his favorite baseball team.  I painted baseball stitching on the inside.  It turned out pretty cute!

A couple ideas from

These Sun Print Cards would be super cute if you used your child's hand print.

Love Love Love these Notepads.

I will be back soon getting you all caught up with our crafts.

Happy (Father's Day) Crafting!