Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome...Carrie's Sweet Life

Today we have a great guest post from Carrie's Sweet Life. She creates "art" with let little one but it's not the kind you can hang on your's the kind you EAT!  I dare you to check out her blog and not drool.  I mean really, how does she make everything look so good?  I kinda wish she was my neighbor so I could do some random acts of kindness for her in hopes of seeing those muffins on my porch in return. I hope you take some inspiration from Carrie and bake with your kiddos!

"Hello this is Carrie from Carrie’s Sweet Life.  My favorite hobby is cooking and baking, our daughter Maddy who is 16 months is now old enough to help out in the kitchen, when I saw that Ames was looking for guest bloggers I thought it would be fun and then decided with a little help to do a little baking with our daughter.

This recipe is so versatile that a younger ones can help but also the older they get the more they will be able

Maddy adding the egg. With the older kids I would use a bowl and spoon and let them mix it themselves.

I helped Maddy measure and add the flour.

At Maddy's age she LOVES watching the mixer go around.

It was then time to glaze the muffins, I helped her but when they were older they could do it without as much assistant.

And of course after glazing you have to taste test.

Take some time and get into the kitchen with your child I promise they will have a blast and the end result will be some delicious food. For the recipe for these delicious muffins check out my blog."



Fun! I bet her daughter will love cooking with mom for years to come!

Going to go check out her blog now!

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