Monday, March 21, 2011

Fluffy Chick

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Today we made a super cute chick...our first Easter-ish craft of the year.  It's not completely dry yet, but Finley is napping and this is most likely my only blogging opportunity today.  Plus I couldn't wait to share.  The "finished" picture is still kinda wet...but you get the idea.

You will need:

Cheap shaving cream
Yellow food coloring
White glue
Paint brush
Card stock (or construction paper chick...I printed a coloring page)

Mix equal parts shaving cream and glue.  Add food coloring. Mix well. It's been a couple years since I have done this I made waaaay too much. 

Tip: Mix in a disposable container

Please note that shaving cream is not "non-toxic."  Use with careful supervision.

Put a glob (technical art term) on the chicky and let the artist spread it around with  the paint brush.  Since it's made with food coloring it will sure to use a paint shirt.  If you are terrified of the stain, cut the chick out of yellow paper and keep the glue/shaving cream mixture white.

Let it dry for 24 hours (just to be safe).

I cut out 2 eyes and a beak from a coupon that was on the counter and happened to have the right colors and added then to the wet goo.
 This one has been drying for 2-3 gets cuter when it's completely dry.

Happy Crafting!



That's adorable! Can't wait to try it!

Rebecca Sornson

We did this is the winter and made snowmen...then used recyclable items to make the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons...and of course anything else they wanted to put on them :)

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