Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome to Heir to Blair

I am thrilled to have a guest post from working momma extraordinaire, Blair, from Heir to Blair. The girl can throw together a few words and an ampersand and like magic I’m cracking up! 


I'm a total crafter wanna-be, so when Amy asked if I would be willing to blog about a craft with Harrison, I was simultaneously pumped & intimidated. Coming up with creative things to do with Harrison has been on my to-do list for awhile now, but it keeps falling to the bottom of the list (sadly). Plus, I can barely manage to not burn myself with a glue gun at the age of 27, & I'm supposed to supervise a toddler with something creative? oy.

I flipped through a few ideas & wasn't totally inspired, until I saw a hand-print sheep for Easter. It would be PERFECT for us to start our toddler-crafting. Plus, Harrison could make a ton in quick succession, meaning that I'd have one for my office, Nate's office, the grandparents, & our refrigerator.

He was pretty hesitant at first - "umm, Momma? Are you sure you want me to get dirty?" - but it quickly turned into "THIS IS AWESOMESAUCE." once I showed him how to rub his hands together to get paint on both.

We took both hands & pressed them on the paper. The hardest part was getting him to lay his hand flat without curling up his fingers & smearing it into one big blob, so he really needed my help to lay them flat & make sure every finger made a mark.

We let them dry overnight, then while he napped on Saturday, I whipped out scissors & hot glue gone. I cut cotton balls into thirds, then hot glued them onto the palm part of the handprint so that the fingers became sheep legs & the thumb became the head.

Cute, right? The whole project cost less than $3.00 to make 4 sets of handprints!

p.s. if you're framing it, get a shadow-box frame because of the cotton balls. this week, they're on sale at Michael's for 40% off.



so cute! i'm sold! i LOVE doing messy crafts with my toddler!

Mrs. MidAtlantic

What a cute craft! I am so doing this with Laura!

Mrs. Boom

How adorable! I made handprint turkeys with my son for Thnaksgiving and this is an adorable Easter variation.


That's awesome! I love art projects that are made from handprints...makes it extra special!


Love this, and we're totally making!

Diet Coke and Diapers

What a cute craft! I am definately doing this for the grandparents :)


Aww it turned out sooo cute!


SUPAH cute!!


Oh my gosh, that is SO CUTE!!! I love it! and it is so simple! I am doing this with Sidney today!


I'm in love! Abbey loves handprint crafts, and we haven't done an easter one yet.


Gah! I love this idea - thanks for sharing!

lady gray

super cute! i think even i could handle this one. ;) it's going on the list!


I love it and bought the supplies today to make it with Colby. BUT what size did it end up being? I'm thinking 5x7? (At least I hope so because that's the size frames I bought!)

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