Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey, remember me???

Hey, it's me...Ames!  I feel like I have been gone for ages.  Technically I am still without Internet except for the glorious moments when I get to escape to Panera for my WiFi fix.  Unfortunately, those times are limited and usually are used for paying bills and such. 

Just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean that we haven't been crafting.  Two huge U-Haul trucks full of boxes and a MOUNTAIN of laundry (the dryer was broken when we moved it) can't keep us from doing what we love. Here's the catch...while unpacking I put the camera is a safe place...a.k.a. a place so safe that I can't find the damn thing.  So I am unable to share the process of making our lovely creations with you...use your imagination (the pic below was taken with my phone). 

My most favorite project in the new house so far is the painted canvas in the playroom.  The best part of the new house is a HUGE playroom.  It's a toddler paradise I tell you. The previous occupant left a big black tv bracket thingy (I have no clue what it's called) on the wall.  I was going to take it down but noticed that several crater sized holes would be left in it's place.

Really, I have no intention of dealing with that so I bought  a big canvas at Hobby Lobby for around $15 on sale along with 3 bottles of acrylic paint ($1 each) that match the wall colors. Since it's acrylic paint and not safe for toddler hands or mouths I had to be creative. I put some circles of paint on the canvas and slipped it into a big garbage bag (the black ones used for leaves).  Then Finley had a great time playing with  the bag and even dancing on it.  When I took the canvas out of the bag it looked pretty cute and I was able to hang it over the dreadful "bracket thingy."  We might add some more creamy colored paint to tone it down but I think it works for a playroom.

Happy Crafting!



Glad to see that you are back! Good luck finding the camera.

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