Monday, February 28, 2011

Piles & Piles of Art, OH MY

I am so excited that so many of you have started doing more crafts with your kids!  I love getting all the emails and comments about your projects.  Keep sending emails and pics. 

We are getting ready to move and I have realized I have hoarding tendancies. Before you start judging me and wondering if you recognize me from the A & E show it's not what you are thinking.  I'm not a hoarder in  the I have 45 expired yogurts in the fridge or bags of cat hair I can't part with kind of way.  I save things that have "sentimental value."  My college ID (do you think I can still get a student discount at the movies?), the last gift my mom gave me (a pair of socks still tied together with a blue ribbon), the boutineer my husband was wearing the night we fell in love (we were both standing up in a wedding)...and now that I have a kid it's piles and piles and piles of her artwork.  I just can't throw it away, so what the heck can I do with it?  Clearly, shoving all of them in her top dresser drawer won't work forever.

This is what I pulled out of the dresser drawer.

So here's what I'm doing!

Idea 1: Art Scrapbook

Why not make an art scrapbook?  I don't scrapbook (although I wish I did) so this is new for me.  I bought this scrapbook at Hobby Lobby for around $8.  It was 50% off and since I have never bought such a thing I have no idea if it was a "good deal" but I think it's super cute.  I am a sucker for anything with polkadots.

I am sure there is a super cute crafty way to arrange these but I just glued them to the pages.

Finished product!  Much neater!

Idea 2: Marble Magnets

I know you have seen these.  They sell them in cutesy stores, on Etsy, and at craft shows but they are SUPER easy to make.  I saw this idea on Not Martha (follow these directions they are really good). I first made these for a few friends as Valentine's Day this year using heart scrapbook paper.  Then I thought, why can't I use the kids' art instead of scrapbook paper? So, I tried it out and they turned out so cute.  These make great gifts for grandparent too! Who can't use more magnets? 

They don't photograph well...mostly because I suck at taking pictures

I bought this handy dandy  punch...made the process super quick and it was less than $5.

Idea 3: Use for scrap booking

Now, since I don't scrapbook I haven't tried it so it's technically just a theory.  But I am imagining using a painting or a colored piece of paper to cut out letters or mount pictures.  Saves $ and keeps's win-win.

Idea 4: Collage

Buy a collage frame.  Kohl's always has inexpensive collage frames on sale.  Trim pieces of art to fit in each section.  Then you are able to display 12 or so paintings neatly and in a small space. I plan to do this in the playroom in our new house.  And there's no law that says you can't encouage your kids to paint with colors that match your house!

Obviously Finley didn't paint's just inspriation.

Happy Crafting (and organizing your crafts!),

*Just a note...the spell check would't work today so when you find typos...sorry.



Hey! I'm new to your blog - but I LOVE it! SO inspiring! I have another idea to add...I have a friend that takes pictures of her child's artwork. Then you could put these in a snapfish book or an inexpensive scrapbook like you did - it would take up even less room than the old artwork. Just a thought =) Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas and pictures! -Joy (I'm not cool enough for a google account yet...maybe someday ;-) )


Love the idea of putting art work in a scrapbook!


Your art ideas are GREAT for my infant and toddler preschool class (6-23 months old). Too many times ideas I find elsewhere are too crafty, too cookie-cutter, mostly done by the teacher, and too old for my kiddos. I fully agree that even the littlest ones can do art if we bring it to their level. Keep the ideas coming!

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