Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bubble Wrap Fish

I don’t care how old you are or how mature you are…you know you LOVE bubble wrap.  There’s just something therapeutic about that rhythmic pop pop pop. It’s one of those simple pleasures in life. And if it excites me this much it must be very thrilling for my almost 15 month old (yikes, when did that happen) cutie pie.  It was!

The "eye" is a homemade magnet.

You will need:
Bubble wrap (small piece works fine)
Paint (I used yellow and red to make a goldfish)
Paper cut into a fish shape (thank you google images for the pattern)
Ziploc bag (optional)

Spread a thin layer of paint on the bubble wrap.  The less paint you use the more pronounced the circles from the bubble wrap AKA the scales will be.
I used too much paint

Place the fish on top.

Now, you can either have your kids paint the fish with the bubble wrap or you can put the whole project in a baggie.  I chose the baggie route so Finley could do this project in the living room.  I find that it's confusing to put toddlers in their normal eating place and then tell them not to eat the paint, etc.  Living room = less attempted art consumption.

Peel the bubble wrap off and let the fish dry.

It’s hard to see the “scales” in the picture but they are there!
The "eye" is a homemade magnet.

Happy Crafting,



I love your blog :) This is so cute. I may have to go search the garage for bubble wrap this afternoon.


Lisanne-Thanks! I hope you find some bubble wrap. I always keep a couple pieces of it in my "crafting crap" box.

Heidi Leanne

This is such a great idea! We're moving and so we have lots of the bubble wrap around, and now I know just what to use it for when we're all settled into the new place. :)

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