Monday, February 14, 2011

Challenge Results selected poster Emily Jo for the challenge.  Emily Jo suggested salt & pepper shakers and toilet paper. I have to admit my first reaction to TP was YIKES!!!  It took a but of thinking but this is what I came up with.  Emily, I hope you approve. 

We used:

bowl for mixing
toilet paper
salt shaker (I cheated and didn't use a pepper shaker too)
sprinkles or glitter
fork for mixing
wax paper
cookie cutter (any shape)

Mix equal parts water and glue in a bowl. 

Rip up the toilet paper (great fine motor activity) and mix with the water/glue mixture.


Squeeze out the excess liquid.  Press into a cookie cutter (think xmas ornaments!). 


Fill the empty salt shaker with sprinkles or glitter and shake on the wet heart.

Let dry for 24 hours.  It's pretty delicate.  If there are any tiny cracks fill them in with a bit of glue.

Ok , so now you are thinking..Um Ames now we have a TP heart, what do we "do" with it.  Here are my ideas. 
1. Make it into a magnet.  I buy the round, black magnets at Hobby Lobby that are 8 for $3.
2. Make it into an ornament. Before the heart completely dries poke a hole in the top.  When it's dry tie a ribbon through the hole and hang on the tree!

Happy Crafting!


emily jo

So exciting my idea was chosen! I'm just now seeing this!! This is a great idea, I wasn't sure if you would be able to do it, but of course, you did. Next time the items will be even more difficult! :) I will have to try this for St. Patty's Day with the kids! Thanks!

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