Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fabric Scrap Pumpkin

A while ago my mother in law gave me a bunch of fabric pieces and scraps and I have been dying to do something fun with them. 

We sorted the fabric and chose a variety of orange patterns. I cut them into smaller pieces.

We covered a paper plate with glue (I told you I was addicted to paper plates).

Finley glued the pieces on. 

(Side note: How do kids sit like this?)

We added a brownish piece to the top for a stem. 

Happy Crafting!!!


Capri + 3--Theresa

That is a cute idea. I like how the different patterns come together to form the pumpkin. Please link this post to Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3 (now live).

: 0 ) Theresa

Ali W.

Just came across your blog and wanted to tell you that it is darling. I love this idea for little kids. Can't wait till mine is old enough to do more of them!

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